Showing animals for 14 years (beginning with dressage, continuing on to pony hunters and now Irish wolfhounds) has been an adventure. My journey with photography began with show horses and is now focused on the sport of purebred dogs. After acquiring my first wolfhound puppy, my passion for the artistic understanding of balance, conformation and soundness turned into an interest in portraying dogs in both photography and other artistic mediums.

As my involvement in dogs grew, I quickly developed an eye for conformational soundness, a passion that has translated into my ability to capture the perfect moments of our time with dogs in the show ring. I have had the pleasure of photographing at multiple specialties including the 2017 Picard National Specialty in North Carolina, where I shot the win photos,candids and photos for the AKC Canine College (Judges Education) , the 2018 Briard National Specialty, and the 2018 Berger Picard National and Elevage.  I look forward to shooting more regionals/Nationals in the years to come. 

Although I specialize in show animals, growing up in central Florida placed me alongside many of the state's largest high schools. I happily shoot HS Graduation photos, Proms and other family events. With equipment designed for low light and indoor shoots, to fast paced action and sports, I have enjoyed photographing a range of events and sports in Central Florida.